International Sleddog Seminar 2022

18 and 19 june 2022, KC Zwolle (The Netherlands)

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Introduction about this event

On October 22, 2022, a breed exam for the Siberian Husky will be organized by the “Raad van Beheer” (Dutch Kennel Club).

In order to give future judges the most perfect picture of this breed, it was logical to invite a real breed specialist to take care of part of the training. For the SHKN this meant that we wanted to ask Karsten Grønås for this. Karsten can, like no other, explain exactly what the physique of the Siberian Husky means for the work that is expected of this dog. He makes the right connections between every facet of the dog and its task, which is often in extreme weather conditions. In order to be able to properly assess the breed, and therefore to maintain the original type, we considered this information essential.

During the preparation for this part of the training program the idea arose to broaden it a bit, after all there were probably more judges, but also breeders and members of the SHKN who would be interested in a seminar given by Karsten.

And by offering more breeds in one weekend it would make an even more exciting seminar for all those interested in sled dogs. We would have preferred to offer all sled dogs, but we have made the choice to present three breeds and to treat them very well and extensively, also including a practical part.

The motivation for the other two breeds, the Canadian Eskimo Dog and the Greenland Dog, had to do with the fact that there is no breed exam for these breeds, but that these breeds are absolutely just as interesting for anyone who would like to know more about them. It offers the judges the opportunity to attend a seminar to learn more about these two breeds. We are therefore very pleased that we have been able to invite a breed specialist, Ralf Campbell, for these varieties.

The interests of these breeds are represented within the FCI’s sled dog committee and an attempt is made to give these breeds the recognition they deserve. Also, the regulations per country are discussed for obtaining both national and international title, working champion.

It is therefore great that we can highlight this side of the sled dog in a presentation by Eveline Koch, member of the FCI committee.